Logic Puzzles

Latest Changes - Update 4.1
* 5 new puzzles added (Pizza, Selling Eggs, Signs, Sons and Survivor)


Major update released version 4.0
* Images/Graphics to accompany puzzles

Major update released version 4.0

* Images/Graphics to accompany puzzles

★ Latest update: Version 3.3 ★
• Five new puzzles added (Shooters, Poison, Lost Trains, Large Sum and Freebies)
• Spelling and grammar fixes

★ Coming Soon ★
• Pictures/Images to accompany logic puzzles

Thank you for supporting the App

As there is no way to respond to comments and ratings on the app in Google Play, I’d like to say here: a big thank you for the solid ratings and comments made so far. They really help support the app to develop and grow. 

I’m currently looking at implementing some images into the app but this is a fairly large job so it may take some time.

As always, I’m also writing new puzzles to add to the collection. My slight fear is that I may eventually run out of them…

Cheers - Aaron (Sppazza)

philip - July 18, 2012 - Version 3.2
I use to get these prob solving quest back in the day when we were in a classroom enviroment to get people thinkin and on the ball… Loved it! To u lot that rate it at 1.. Its obvious u dont have the ability to think outside the square!.. Maybe u dont know what that means.. Download runner games then.. Only have to press the screen… No thinking involved… Game does the rest :) taranaki hard core

Latest update: Version 3.2

*Five new puzzles (Note Death, Oak Barrel, Random Objects, Stuck Coin and Tunnel Cross)

*Spelling and grammar fixes

Version 3.0 - Major update release

*Clearer distinction of categories

*Many puzzles re-delivered for easier logic and understanding

*Many NEW puzzles and some of the older ‘poorly’ delivered puzzles removed

My apologies to existing users who may have gotten used to the old presentation of the puzzles. But i feel this update is much better as the puzzles are presented in a much easier to understand delivery. They are also better defined in their new categories.
Thank you for your continued support….

Version 2.0 - Major update release

*Can now Bookmark/Favorite puzzles!  

*Copy puzzles and solutions to clipboard!

*Choose 3 different text sizes!


The app has developed and improved (i think so anyway) so much since first release. I’m pretty happy with the progress and now that i got some core features updated, i will probably be focusing on finding and adding more puzzles into the growing list inside this little app.


This recent email, made my day :)

Developers like you are sorely lacking on the marketplace. I appreciate the reply very much!

I will remove my negative comment asap and change my rating to 5 when the update is released.
Again thank you for the commitment to the community.”


It appears as though i must be doing something that other developers aren’t doing. Reading comments and suggestions…. I would think that the comment and rating system on Google Play is so important to the developer and the app that it is 100% worth the time to carefully go through and read the feedback left by users.

More things to do…

Another thing that i will be fixing is the scrolling.

After reading a long puzzle and using the short cut next buttons, our view doesn’t reset, meaning we have to scroll back up to view puzzle from the start. 

I will also be labeling some puzzles as HARD for the ones i believe are tougher than the average.

This may help some users deciding which puzzles to do with children.